de.jaret.geexel.actions Actions for geexel.
de.jaret.geexel.editors The multipage editor for geexel sheets.
de.jaret.geexel.editors.table Extension for the editors and cell renderers of the jaret table.
de.jaret.geexel.importer Importers for geexel workbooks.
de.jaret.geexel.model The geexel workbook, model and evaluator classes.
de.jaret.geexel.persistence Persistence implemetation for storing and retrieving geexel workbooks.
de.jaret.geexel.plugin Main plugin classes.
de.jaret.geexel.preferences Preference implementation for geexel.
de.jaret.geexel.scrap Scrap classes to develop "sheet code".
de.jaret.geexel.ui Several dialogs for geexel.
de.jaret.geexel.wizards The wizard for creating a new geexel sheet.